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We invite you to become acquainted with our furniture. Handsome, gracious, classic...

A collection of designs to reflect your own taste. Within these pages you will see settings differing widely in feeling. These looks and more can be achieved with Karges furniture. Good design with timeless lines can blend into any décor you choose. The insistence that each piece of furniture be part of a matched group is relatively recent in the long tradition of fine interiors.

Returning to the original idea that a desk or a cabinet has its own intrinsic beauty we have learned that our homes should express our own tastes rather than follow set rules. This allows every home to embrace a beautiful piece of art such is Karges by Hand.

We hope this sampling will suggest unlimited combinations of periods and pieces you can enjoy in your decorative scheme.

Karges History

Albert F. Karges, a first generation immigrant, invested $600 to begin making moderately priced American-styled furniture out of local hardwoods in Evansville, Indiana. Karges was one of forty plus furniture companies in the area at this time.

After WWI, Albert’s son, Edwin Karges Sr., an artist at heart, joined the company. Mr “K”, after traveling Europe, convinced his father to try some of the unique and traditional designs of European furniture. Because of Edwin Sr.’s designs Karges Furniture began to pull away from the pack with it’s elaborate, carved case pieces and Karges began it’s path to what it is today.

Edwin Sr.’s son, Edwin Karges Jr, “Eddie” as he was known, graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in wood technology. Eddie developed a finishing process that was second to none. The Karges finish still sets Karges apart and is well known in the furniture industry as being unique, artistic and full of depth and dimension.

In the early 70’s Eddie’s daughter Joan Karges Rogier brought a true understanding and appreciation of craftsmanship to the company. She was committed to preserving and growing the knowledge bequeathed to her by her predecessors. Still today Joan lends guidance and knowledge to the company.

Joan’s daughter, Gretchen Rogier Keith, now the 5th generation of the Karges Furniture family, inherited the experience and passion of her family business. Gretchen is still active in the company today.

In early 2014 Karges joined the Kindel Grand Rapids family. All operations were moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the practices of bench made furniture continue. The partnership brought together two family owned companies, each with over a century of experience, shared values in hand craftsmanship and superior execution. Karges is still meticulously hand crafted by skilled, passionate artisans who remain dedicated to the mission upon which Karges Furniture was founded.

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